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Kask Mistral Kona Helm 2019 - Gelb
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Kask Mistral KonaConquer each and every mile you cover with the Mistral Kona Helmet from Kask, an exclusive CRC edition that celebrates everything the Ironman World Championships has offered over the past 40 years. Designed for the gruelling 112-mile bike stage, this road and triathlon lid is infused with high-end technology and delivers comfort certain to give you the upper hand on your rivals.KonaRenowned for its gruelling annual event, the Kona Ironman World Championships pair a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride and a full marathon of a run. The bike stage can often make or break even the toughest of athletes, but when pairing with the Mistral Kona you can evidently see the boost in your performance. It is incredibly breathable to keep riders cool under pressure and the outstanding comfort will have you bossing the roads of Hawaii in no time. When you add in the self-adjusting lateral divider and 3D dry tri dimensional padding, you have yourself a helmet that knows no limits.The Mistral Aero - Professional FeedbackEvery helmet, like the Kona Ironman World Championships, needs a humble beginning. Specially engineered to offer high performance in both track and triathlon environments, the Mistral Aero has been tried and tested by the Australian national track team who have enhanced its design with their constructive feedback. Highly breathable, the flow of air around your head is maximised without compromising on structural integrity thanks to the in-moulding technology. Fusing the inner and outer liner together, your ride benefits from a thinner, lightweight outer shell.Providing unrivalled lasting rider comfort, the Mistral sports 3D dry tri-dimensional padding with its multi-layer open cell construction, eliminating pressure points. Pairing with the self-adjusting lateral divider to prevent under-ear discomfort, the Mistral really does put a smile on your face.For the comfort aficionados amongst you, there is an eco-leather chinstrap to reduce skin irritation while the magnetic visor attachment allows for greater protection to your eyes.It’s a marathon, not a sprint, but with the Mistral Kona you should be banging on the shop door to get this helmet as fast as you can.Features:Highly aerodynamic shape6 slots at the front2 Air outlets at the rear of the helmetAir circulation inside the helmet3D dry tri dimensional paddingIn-moulding technologyChin pad with eco-leather chinstrapSelf-adjusting lateral dividerMagnetic visor attachmentWeight: 345g (medium, 375g with visor)Buy Kask from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.

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